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Crystal spheres are typically crystals shaped to form a spherical shape. Its roundness comes with a meaning which is completion, oneness, karma, and wholeness. When you have a crystal sphere in your palm, you will feel its smoothness and tenderness. The smoothness helps in the flow of energy that aids in concise communication.

You will fall in love with crystal spheres for their ability to open the mind and keeping you conscious of everything around you. When you make crystal spheres your companion, every circumstance that comes your way, you will view it differently. They are powerful in giving a clear view of a given situation. Crystal spheres are excellent elements of meditation.

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Why do crystal collectors love spheres?

If you follow some crystal collectors on social media, you will realize that they are avid sphere crystal collectors. You may wonder why that is the case. Well, it is not just about the beauty of the crystals' spheres but also because of the significant meaning they come with.

Many sphere crystal collectors could open a museum if they could; that is to show you how much they are in love with these crystals. The variety of the crystals and colors are some of the reasons they love collecting crystal spheres. They also energize any room they are placed in, and also they bring immense healing benefits.
The shape of crystal spheres is what keeps collectors going after them all the time. They are one of the most favorite-shaped stones in history. Crystal spheres have no sharp edges; rather, they are smooth and all-rounded. They are pleasing and incredible to touch that you don't want to let them go.

What are crystal spheres used for?

Crystal spheres are incredibly powerful. They are held sacred and are known to emit positive energies. There are various uses of crystal spheres which include;
Crystal spheres are helpful during those periods you feel stressed up. When you hold a crystal sphere in your hands, it clears all the bad energy associated with stress. It allows for a change in energy fields bringing in positive energy.
They are powerful meditation tools. They channel the right energy to help nourish your meditation. Crystal spheres enable you to get to a relaxed, mindful state of meditation to keep your mind clear and focused.
Is there something you want in your life? Crystal spheres can help you with that. However, most importantly, you have to set and direct the intention to the crystal sphere. This means you have to make the sphere aware of what you want literally. You will be amazed by the transformation a crystal sphere can bring into your life.
Crystal spheres make extremely beautiful decorative pieces. Picture how your home or workspace will look the moment you add a few crystal spheres. You will be the center of attention and admiration for sure.
Use crystal spheres to bring good luck in your life. You will increase your chances of making money in your business. Talk of the many ideas that will be stimulated, enabling you to expand your business. 
Crystal spheres play an important role in eliminating bad air in a room, whether in your home or office. You created a better and healthy working environment which is important if you are to enjoy your job.
A crystal sphere helps in achieving mental clarity. This is important in your life because you will remain focused and understand what you want in life.


How to use it?

The most basic way of using your crystal sphere is by having it in your palm. By doing that, the sphere helps you to feel comfortable and at ease with yourself. However, for best results, look for a quiet place before starting your session. Then once you have started, you can choose to have a timer for about ten minutes.
Sit comfortably on the ground and not in an elevated place. Have the crystal sphere in your hands for your meditation sessions. Your mind should be focused on the sphere so that its energy can flow in your entire body. Having the weight of the crystal sphere in your palm is symbolic and connects to your inner strength. 
It is imperative that you place a crystal sphere in the sun after you are done with sessions for your day. That way, the crystal will recharge before you engage it further.

A crystal sphere, as you may have noticed, is perfectly round. It is smooth, and its incredible shape makes it a stunning crystal. This crystal is critical in your life, especially because of its ability to keep you surrounded with positive energies. For best results, place it everywhere you spend most of your time. It will bring healing, protection, harmony, and above all, peace.