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Ocean Jasper Sphere Natural ( With Stand )-1.3

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Ocean Jasper Sphere Natural ( With Stand )-1.3

Product Size : Diameter : 6.2cm


Ocean Jasper is a very calming and grounding stone that allows you to release any anger that you might be holding.  Ocean Jasper allows you to get to the bottom of the reason that you are holding the anger, understand why you are holding it and then gently release it.  It is a very nurturing and joyful stone that will allow you to regain enthusiasm for life and where you are at. It is a  protective stone that allows you to gain a greater connection to the Oceans and all creatures that live in it. 

This Rare Ocean Jasper Sphere is naturally formed with its natural holes , then being mined out and carved by artisans into a georgeous sphere , this situation makes this piece highly sought after and highly collectible

Can be used in all meditations particularly when connecting and gaining a better understanding of the part the ocean and ocean creature play in our world.

Wonderful as a healing tool when working on stomach issues.

Carried as a talisman to assist with safe sea travel and seasickness.

It is a very peaceful stone that allows you to release any anger you are holding by understanding why you are holding it.

Ocean Jasper helps to ground you and make you feel more at peace in the natural world particularly being near the ocean. 


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