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Amazonite is a mineral rock that belongs to the class of Microcline. It received its name from the Amazon River because that is where it was found originally in high quantity. However, as of now, Amazonite can be found in various locations worldwide and not just by the deep waters of the Amazon River.

The Amazonite crystal is an opaque stone that is quite intriguing. Some find it fascinating because of its pearly to vitreous appearance. It comes with the most amazing colors, which are green, blue, white patterns, blue-green, yellow striations, cream, and brown. You have a wide array of colors to choose from to suit your taste and preference. Buy our high quality amazonite crystal products today!

Amazonite Crystals: Meaning, Healing Properties And Uses


Amazonite Crystal healing properties and uses


Emotional healing
​Amazonite is best known for healing emotional trauma, as well as eliminating negative energy. If you tend to worry too much and fear the unknown, Amazonite will dispel all that. Whenever you are faced with a problem, this crystal will help you understand the problem and help you find a solution. With​ Amazonite, you will comprehend how to keep healthy boundaries that help you not to cause any tension in your life. You will not indulge in unwanted thoughts that can lead to self-destruction as long as you are using this crystal. 


Physical healing
Amazonite is one of the crystals that is best known for its physical healing properties. It is claimed that Amazonite treats thyroid problems. Additionally, those suffering from calcium deficiency will benefit from this crystal because it allows the body to take in calcium. That means this crystal will make your bones stronger, making you healthier. In addition, Amazonite helps in relieving joint pain and tension. It is an excellent crystal for calming the body and also treats arthritis. 


Spiritual healing
If you want to experience spiritual balance, make use of the Amazonite crystal.  It also helps you become aware of how the universe operates. This is a crystal that seeks intellect and self-realization. Amazonite helps you to seek personal truth by allowing you to dive deep into yourself to find the truth. By doing that, this crystal helps you achieve clarity in your spiritual life. It is the best crystal that reveals your desires and the dreams you want to achieve. When you speak your intentions using the Amazonite crystal, they will manifest.

Uses of Amazonite crystals

You can use Amazonite crystals to clear your mind. When you have all kinds of thoughts clogged up in your mind, you cannot have clarity. With this crystal, you will only have beneficial thoughts and not those that cause you harm.
Amazonite is helpful when it comes to manifesting your creative side. This crystal will enable you to understand how to put your creative ideas into something worth pursuing.
Use this crystal to follow your dreams and make them come true. It aids you in putting those dreams into action by facing them bravely and confidently.
Where can we find them?
Inasmuch as Amazonite was found around the Amazon River, it can still be found in other places in the world. High quantities of Amazonite have been found in Madagascar, Brazil, some parts of the USA, Australia, and Russia.
What kind of crystals can we buy with Amazonite stone?
You can buy Amazonite stone with aventurine crystals and also tourmaline. Opal crystals and rhodochrosite go well with the Amazonite crystal. Because of how stunning Amazonite stones look, they will appear breathtaking with elegant crystals. This stone can be bought with bracelets, necklaces, rings, and pendants.


5 Fun Facts About Amazonite

- Check for luster 
You may find fake Amazonite in the market, but to tell the real one from a fake, check for its luster. If you notice the surface is shiny and bright, it is real.


Good luck stone
Amazonite is a good luck stone that helps you come on top in a competition or business venture. You will never be defeated in any situation as long as you have the Amazonite crystal.


Used by Egyptians
This crystal is said to have been used to a wide extent by Egyptians. Being the stone of courage, Egyptian warriors used Amazonite to face their enemies with courage.


Stimulant crystal
If you feel lazy, Amazonite can stimulate your energy to get you on your feet with no time. It is quite helpful for young stars.


Prevents pollution
Amazonite is capable of absorbing electromagnetic radiation that causes pollution. That is how it prevents environmental pollution.


Amazonite is worth investing in due to its incredible uses. You will enjoy a fulfilled life that is free from worries as you continue using this crystal. Why not wave goodbye to all the negative vibes and step into completion with this worthy crystal. You will even transform into a warrior the moment you indulge this stone in your life.