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Did you know that crystals can be carved to resemble a human skull? Well, now you know. Crystal skulls have been in existence for years.

They started being carved and produced in the late 19th century. Since then, they have made a name for themselves around the globe.

This, however, has not gone on without controversy, especially from them that find skulls mysterious. Even after being made the subject of controversy, crystal skulls are still in existence to date.

Many people feel and believe that crystal skulls are connected to supernatural powers. These skulls are associated with psychic capabilities as well as healing properties.

Crystal skulls appear stunning and beautiful but haunting and scary at the same time. They are quite intriguing to many people and also come with different meanings.

What are the benefits of using human crystal skulls?

When the thought of human crystal skulls crosses your mind, you may wonder why you should get a crystal that is similar to a human head! It doesn't make sense.


That may not necessarily be the case because human crystal skulls come with various benefits. They include; crystal skulls are known to harness energy and are known to communicate to the user.


Through its representation of a human skull, this crystal showcases the nature in which consciousness is manifested to the world.

Crystal skull’s image resonates with our deep human emotions bringing out the dreams that we have.
This crystal not only offers hope to hopeless situations but also a true representation of the inner you. Crystal skulls have a way to show the world the real you.

Crystal skulls are quite powerful that they can be used on the road of self-discovery. It is one of the crystals that work when it comes to personal growth.

The fact that crystal skulls represent the human skull is clearly personal to us as humans. It leads to mental understanding and also helps in connecting our spiritual energies in a way to understand ourselves.

How Crystal Skulls Work? 

Some may deem crystal skulls as disastrous, but to others, they are extremely helpful. They surround us with positive feelings of change which we all require as we go through life.

When using a crystal skull, it is imperative that you follow your intuition. That is how crystal skulls work. This is because, for every skull, you will receive specific knowledge plus enlightenment in certain areas of your life. 

Remember that crystal skulls have their energy carved into a skull. That tells you that for any change to happen in your life, it is must start with a change in the state of your mind. Meditate with a crystal skull in your hands for best results.

It is important to note that for a crystal skull to work, you have to connect to the crystal. Without that, you will not see any difference in your life.

Using Crystal Skull for Healing Purpose?

I know many will not believe this, but crystal skulls come with healing energy. When this happens, you reach a point where you cannot hide your true self from the world.


For a crystal skull to meet your healing needs, it must connect to your consciousness. 

You will be amazed by the high number of people that corroborate the healing power of crystal skulls. They have been using to heal the state of mind, especially after going through a traumatic period.


They are also used to heal the heart, which is usually vulnerable to the snares of life.

5 Fun Facts about Carved Crystal Skull


1. Carved crystal skulls are beautiful, but not many people find them fascinating. Here are some five fun facts about this crystal.

The reputation of death - Anywhere a skull is seen, the first thing that comes to mind is death. This is the same with carved crystal skulls that many people have associated with creepy feelings and death.

2. Symbol of hope - Crystal skulls represent hope. How, you may wonder? Because they are known to have psychic abilities, and they also offer healing.


3.Fascination through TV series and movies – Many know of crystal skulls from popular movies and television series. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Indiana Jones are some of the films that made these skulls known to the world.

4. Crystal skulls can be activated – Yes, they can! Try having a crystal skull in your hand and then place it in front of your heart. You can actually request the crystal skull to do away with old programming in your mind to usher in new and clean thoughts.

5. Indiana Jones 13 crystal skulls – Crystal skulls appeared thirteen times in the popular movie Indiana Jones. They all came in different sizes and were used in different scenes throughout the movie.

Crystal skulls have a connection to the power of intention. They can transform you into becoming a better version of your real self. Instead of thinking of crystal skulls in a bad way because of their shape, hold them dear to your heart. The transformation you will experience in your life will be phenomenal.