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Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian seed Quartz is a type of crystal originating from Brazil. Legend has it that this quartz belonged to Lemuria of the past civilization. When Lemurian’s time on earth was ending, they took Lemurian quartz crystals and programmed them. How so, you may wonder. They ensured that the crystals were set with healing messages. These crystals were found many years later after Lemurians had seeded them. 

The Lemurian seed Quartz is quite delicate. It is so fragile and contains sensitive information. You will notice a definite appearance of this crystal in addition to its horizontal bar codes. On the sides of Lemurian seed quartz, you will notice smooth faces, but the quartz itself takes the form of a laser wand.

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Lemurian Quartz Crystals: Meaning, Healing Properties And Uses


Healing Properties of Lemurian Quartz


Lemurian quartz is known to clear the negative energy field. These beautiful crystals work amazingly to stimulate the energy of the chakra system. It is believed that these crystals have the power to cause emotional healing. This is a crystal that enlightens and offers loving alignment with oneself. The message delivered by Lemurian quartz is about oneness. That as human beings, we are connected to each other hence should stick together.

When it comes to your spiritual life, Lemurian quartz brings about spiritual growth. You can utilize them to experience personal growth. Any area of your life that needs improvement can be worked on using these crystals. What mainly Lemurian quartz is meant for is working on yourself. That is the kind of healing property they offer.
If you are looking for a companion, go for Lemurian Quartz. It plays a critical role in helping you achieve your goals. The best part is this crystal offers emotional, mental, and physical support. It covers every area of your life, including your financial goals.
Working with Lemurian Quartz

You can best work with Lemurian Quartz by meditating with it. You can do this by holding the crystal in your hands for a while. During this time, you should be making contact with the quartz. Without that, you will not achieve anything helpful. When you hold Lemurian quartz in your hand, you begin to enter a relaxed state slowly by slowly. Within no time, you will have achieved inner awareness, which helps you understand the real you better.
When working with Lemurian quartz, ensure you follow the same process each day. That is the best way to achieve the best and noticeable results. You will be amazed by this crystal because it has a way of enabling you to connect with angelic realms. However, to achieve this, you must be consistent in working with the crystal.

Lemurian Seed Crystals: Where can we find them?

Lemurian seed crystals can be found in Brazil, specifically in the Diamantina region. However, there are other places these crystals have been spotted. These areas are Zambia, Tibet, the USA, and some parts of the Himalayas. Therefore, it is obvious that you can find Lemurian seed crystals from various locations around the world.


How will they help you?

Lemurian quartz can be of great benefit to you only if you use it regularly. However, this precious stone can be quite advantageous in your life.
Using this crystal helps you achieve emotional healing from memories that you wouldn't want to think of. 
Through the loving vibrations offered by Lemurian quartz, you will be able to get your emotions and concentration balanced.
Successive meditations using this crystal helps you clear all the bad vibes in your life. As a result, you end up embracing a new you that is ready to face the world with confidence.

If you feel lost and alone, the Lemurian quartz helps you have a sense of completion. You will not have the feeling that you need someone else to feel complete.
When it comes to matters of love, Lemurian quartz will show you how to love others but, most importantly, how to love yourself. This crystal will make you understand that you will be able to love others more when you love yourself.

The best part is Lemurian crystal instills a sense of self-belief as you continue its usage. This is extremely crucial for it defines the path you will eventually follow to transform your life.

If you are in a relationship worth saving, Lemurian quartz will help you see that. Moreover, it will help you find ways to retain the relationship and even make it stronger than before.

Lemurian quartz crystals are among the best crystals that you can possess. This crystal has been used for years to clear the mind and to invite positive energy. Therefore, involve Lemurian quartz crystals in your life, especially during those times you are facing adversities and disappointments. This crystal will give you the courage to face any situation without giving up.