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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 7th Jun 2021

Selenite Crystal Meaning, Healing Properties, Uses, And Popular Selenite Products We Carry

Selenite Crystal Australia

Understanding Selenite

Selenite is a crystalline variety of the gypsum mineral forming a moon-like stone. It is a pretty soft mineral and can be scratched easily by any sharp object. Interestingly, if Selenite is placed in water, it changes to gypsum.A combination of calcium sulfate dihydrate is what makes Selenite. This monoclinic crystal can be found in pale shades of pearly white whose texture is clay-like. Selenite has been for ages to bring out consciousness and clarity.Selenite varieties are satin spar, gypsum flower and desert rose.

Origin of Selenite

Selenite’s origin is not from a specified place. This is because it has been found in various locations in a large number. Selenite is found in Australia, Russia, the USA, Mexico, England, Greece, France, Poland and Germany. It comes in varied colours, including orange, pure white, green, peach, transparent, grey-blue and bright golden yellow.

The name Selenite has various meanings. Selenite is connected to the Greek Goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon. No wonder the stone is instantly soothing because of its connection to the beloved goddess. As such, Selenite enhances soul healing not just for your body but also mind and home.

Selenite Healing Properties

You will benefit from the healing properties of Selenite more so if you are looking to balance your life. The healing properties of Selenite are immense.

Emotional healing

Worries and anxiety can wear down your heart. However, once you use Selenite, all the anxiety and worry will be taken away. This stone has no desire to harbour unwanted thoughts that can destroy your life. It will untangle all the thoughts you have. It will clear your thinking, helping you have crystal clear clarity. You will enjoy healthy insight helping you make clear decisions. Selenite helps you to have an impeccable judgement that way, you can work with a clear soul. Let go of the past and transform your life fully by using Selenite.

Physical healing

Selenite does wonders in body healing. Every physical pain you have will be vanished by using Selenite. This stone has a way of changing your physical being for the better. Selenite handles any skeletal issues and can also help in having the spine into alignment. It also takes care of the cell structure by working on any damage that has occurred. If your skin, hair or eyes are suffering, let Selenite work its magic.

Spiritual Healing

Thoughts entering your conscious are a reflection of your spirit. What enters your mind matters a lot because it defines who you are. Using Selenite is an excellent way of clearing harmful and unwanted thoughts that clog your conscious. It can help you connect with knowledge and wisdom to help you live a better life. Resolve your inner soul issues by using Selenite; that way, you will enjoy a long and peaceful life.

Uses of Selenite

This wonderful stone can be used to bring harmony to every area of your life. It helps in attracting fertility and love. Interestingly, Selenite maintains fidelity (every couple should use Selenite)! Pregnant mothers can use this stone to induce calmness in the entire season of pregnancy. When your little one is having their rest, place Selenite beside them to enhance loving and warm energies.

Selenite natural wands are used for purification by crystal healers as well as for energetic cleansing. It detaches from the aura that can bring negative influence in your mind. Selenite can be used to eliminate shyness and boost confidence. It can significantly help materialistic pursuits connected to business leading to wealth and prosperity. Selenite brings about harmonious partnerships and good judgment. When you have this precious stone, any disagreement can be made harmonious.

Popular Selenite products

Selenite is a beautiful crystal that spiritual wellness professionals mainly use. It comes in various forms that we end up carrying for our everyday lives.

Selenite can come as a rounded ball used for scrying. It also comes as a necklace worn around the neck to do away with bad energy. Flat slabs Selenite products are available meant for cleansing other crystals. You can also find Selenite in the form of wands and can be used for different workings like doing away with pains.

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Selenite is definitely a heavenly stone that can transform anything in your life but for the better. Access higher energies that know no boundary by making use of Selenite. It works incredibly well by balancing your body physically, spiritually and emotionally. Selenite can cut through the air to cleanse and recharge the environment. It is one of the best stones you should endeavour to have. Selenite will eliminate negative energies replacing them with the positivity you so much need in your life.

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