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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 14th Jun 2021

7 Best Crystals To Relieve Stress And Anxiety And How To Use Them

The highs and lows of life can bring stressful moments. Some of them can be too much to bear. Stress is unhealthy for it causes serious health issues. But what can you do to prevent stress and anxiety in your life? The best answer is, using crystals. They are the ideal tools with healing capabilities. Crystals clear your mind and ensure that you are free from anxiety attacks.

When you are stressed, every area of your life is affected. Use the following seven best crystals to free yourself from stress and anxiety.

Blue Lace Agate

When you are stressed, your mind cannot be calm at all.Blue Lace Agate crystal works excellently in calming your mind. It makes you peaceful while uplifting your spirits. This crystal is known to do away with the anxietyand relieve stress. The Blue Lace Agate encourages you to talk about your emotions and anything bothering you. When you speak out, anxiety and stress will flee from your life. You can wear this crystal as a pendant to keep your mind and body free from stress.


Being the Stone of Peace, Sodalite is excellent in eliminating anxiety attacks. It calms the mind and takes away the anxious feeling. You can choose to place this stone in your bag or pocket to comfort you as you carry on with your duties. If you have a tendency to feel nervous, Sodalite will enhance self-confidence. It also helps in achieving self-expression. This crystal balances your emotions making you enjoy stress-free moments.


This is one of the most powerful crystals known to calm the nerves. If you are feeling stressed up, this is the crystal to have close to you. It also works on the root cause of your stress and anxiety, which is the best way to keep the two at bay. This crystal is highly recommended due to its cleansing abilities. Use selenite to calm your nerves and to encourage inner peace. This crystal decreases tension and also gives you mental clarity.


Amethyst is one of the best crystals that eliminate negative energy associated with stress and anxiety. The best thing about this crystal is it is all rounded. That means apart from helping you alleviate anxiety and stress, it can help you in many other ways. It is the best stone to use to bring you inner peace. Amethyst is a healing stone. When your body, mind, and soul are all healed, you bring out the best in you. Peaceful energy will surround you, which is the best way to live stress-free. Wear this crystal as a bracelet to improve your overall well-being.


When you are stressed, you cannot think clearly. Your mind is unsettled, and your body un-cooperative. It would be best if you had balance in your life to function properly. That is what the Fluorite crystal is all about. It gives you a clear mind when you are under duress. This is a highly effective crystal that helps you achieve a clear mindset. When your mind is filled with negativity, hold a Fluorite stone and concentrate on it. You will end up receiving a clear perspective of the root cause of stress. That will ease your mind without a doubt.


A peaceful mind encourages sleep while a stressful one deprives you of sleep. Lepidolite is the right crystal to use when you are stressed because it will ensure you get a good night’s sleep. In moments of stress, this crystal can calm you down, helping you find peace. When you use Lepidolite, you will awaken positive vibes that enhance mind relaxation. In addition, this crystal will eliminate negative thoughts that trigger stress. Use a Lepidolite bracelet to improve your mood and instill happy thoughts. You can also place this crystal next to you as you sleep.


If your spirit is worked up, it may be because of a stressful situation. Amazonite crystal works excellently in ensuring you don't entertain worry, which is a catalyst for stress. Anytime you feel that you will have an anxiety attack, wear the Amazonite bracelets. Then, all the fear and worry will be washed away. Why Amazonite crystal is an excellent recommendation is because it works extremely fast. That way, it gives you control of your emotions, preventing any stress and anxiety.


Stress and anxiety are inescapable in the world we live in. However, regular exposure to stress is not healthy; it needs to be stopped because it causes a huge problem. Healing crystals have been used for years to help many people gain control of a peaceful mindset. Anxiety and stress should never be entertained in your life. Deal with the two by incorporating healing crystals into your everyday routine. You can be confident that healing crystals will make you a better person by healthily offloading all your stress.

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