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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul Team on 10th Mar 2020

10 Best Crystals for Confidence & Courage

Courage and confidence are essential virtues to have. This is what helps give your self-esteem and awareness of your self-worth. However, there are certain issues in life that may end up threatening our confidence and courage. There are crystals that will naturally enhance your strength, confidence, and courage.

Here are the 10 best crystals for confidence and courage:

1. Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is one of the crystals that are associated with creating success in different aspects of your life. As a result, the willpower is enhanced, which makes it easier to overcome any doubt and fear.

2. Cinnabar

Cinnabar is one of the red stones that will boost your feelings of self-esteem and self-worth. This works wonders in boosting the confidence levels and courage follows seamlessly. Cinnabar has some mercury and as such, you should be careful when handling this rock.

3. Sunstone

The light that shines from this stone is essential as it will help you shine in various fields. If you are looking for a stone to boost a certain skill or talent, this is the stone to pick. With improved skills and abilities, there is hardly anything that can shake your confidence levels.

4. Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl is a yellow stone that is associated with positive and warm energy. If you are looking for crystals that will boost your energy in terms of leadership skills, this is the stone to wear. With this crystal, you can confidently lead those who are looking up to you.

5. Spirit Quartz

There are some limitations in your life that may be self-imposed and these can affect your confidence significantly. Spirit Quartz is a great crystal to resolve such issues and will help you achieve so much than you can imagine.

6. Carnelian

Carnelian is a great rock to activate the three essential chakras and as such, it will motivate your passion, progress and give you motivation. As such, your self-worth and confidence levels are raised. This crystal has healing properties and will boost courage and creativity.

7. Red jasper

If at any point you are feeling worthless, Red Jasper is a great rock to stimulate confidence and boost energy levels. This crystal is essential when you need to set clear boundaries in cases of emotional pressure.

8. Ruby

Are you looking to boost and activate determination, passion, and confidence? Ruby is a crystal rock that allows you to face your fears and make progress in a new adventure.

9. Prehnite

Prehnite will help synchronize the heart and your willpower in perfect harmony. As such, you will get clarity and your confidence is boosted in a significant manner.

10. Tiger’s Eye

Even by the mere look of this rock, your confidence will be boosted as it comes with a striking appearance. Tiger's Eye Crystal combines the energy of the earth and the sun and will activate the root chakra to boost your courage.

These crystals that we have listed here are just a few of so many others that can be used for confidence and courage. These are the best and you can use them to get a fast solution

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