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Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Pyramid #1.4

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Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Pyramid #1.4

Product Size : Weight: 120 grams, Height: 4.5cm, Width: 5cm

RAINBOW MOONSTONE PYRAMID ,is a crystal that draws and directs all the energy to a point. pyramid can be used to flow energy within the body or used as part of your crystal grid. It is actually a variety of Labradorite that exhibits flashy colors and rainbows throughout. It exudes mental clarity, awareness, and relaxing energy.

This moonstone will activate and align our chakras, giving us the mental and emotional energy to take on new opportunities. Just like the cycle of the moon, the changing energy of this crystal creates new opportunities each month. Relish in its strength and rid yourself of the stress and anxiety holding you down. Moonstone is great for emotional release providing balance and wellness.

It has a calming and peaceful effect and assists with being sensitive to others. It is excellent for understanding dreams. Rainbow Moonstone enhances creativity, confidence and strength while bringing harmony and hope.