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Which Crystal for What Purpose: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Energy is not something ordinary people see, but it definitely exists. If you believe that every little thing in this world has its energy, you would appreciate more how crystals work.

Even traditional medicines and customs believe in the different kinds of energy that the human body and things in the environment possess. Since crystals come from deep down the grounds of the earth, they can help connect people to the universe’s healing and grounding energy.

Various types of crystals exist, so how would you know which one you should get? It all depends on the purpose you aim for. Every crystal releases its own kind of energy that could address various aspects of your life's concern. Here is a list you may use as a guide before buying your crystals:

Turquoise for Protection and Luck

If there is one crystal considered as the master healer among all, it is the turquoise. Since the ancient days, our ancestors have already been using this crystal as a healing tool because it is believed to connect heaven and earth. Its beautiful blue colour is similar to the colour of the sky and water, plus the healing properties it possesses are great reasons to believe that.

Besides those descriptions, it is also considered the stone of communication. SO if you need more energy to help you speak up or express your feelings, it can help transfer that energy you need. Overall, it is the perfect stone to give you the protection and luck you need.

Amethyst for Inner Connection

Not all are gifted with high intuition, and sometimes, this ability is vital in life. If you aim for that proper connection within yourself, amethyst is the crystal to buy.

It is a highly spiritual stone that can give you mental clarity and also a means to open up your psychic abilities. All you need to do is sit down with your amethyst stone inside your hands and wait for it to take effect. Clarity and new insights should come down real quick.

Smoky Quartz as Shield

Another stone protector to know is the smoky quartz. This stone can act as your shield against the negative energy surrounding you. It is the best pick to provide you with tranquillity, safety, and strength.

When you hold this stone, you will be surprised by the overall sense of calm that you would get. Try grabbing onto this stone the next time you go on a nerve-wracking journey. Doing so can help keep you grounded and peaceful.

Clear Quartz for Balance

Clear quartz is one of the purest gems you will find out there. The purity of this stone makes it the crystal that brings out the light that people need in their life. It works best as an amplifier to any stone.

Use it to magnify the blessings provided by the other crystals. Besides that, it can help you achieve clarity and balance in your life. If you need to concentrate or spark a memory, holding tight in this crystal will help you achieve that.


Every rock and crystal possesses different power and possibilities. Some can help calm you down, while others offer you protection. Their properties are unique and can help every person in need of additional energy to face their day. If you believe you need one strongly, keep in mind that these stones’ energy becomes greater if they are given to you or given by you. Therefore, make sure to pass them on to the person you care for.

If you want to discover more facts about the different crystals existing, or you want to find other stones that fit your needs, you are on the right page. Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul is where you can buy crystals online. Every product we offer has a thorough description to make sure you know what you are buying. 

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