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What is the Best Crystal for Protection? - Our Top 7 Choices

Crystals are known to have a lot of properties, which are drawn from the earth. One of the common questions that you will come across is, “which is the best crystal for my protection? “ Essentially, people are always seeking ways to get crystals to protect them from unwanted energies and negative influences.

A good number of people who use crystals for protection will use them for dealing with curses, stress, emotional trauma, sorcery, manipulation, abuse, psychic attacks, bad luck and jealousy among others.

We have picked some of the best crystals, which have different powers when it comes to protection. Please read on:


If you are looking for all-round protection, then Black Tourmaline is the crystal to pick. It is strong at repelling harmful frequencies by creating an electrical field all-around your aura. As such, the psychic attacks and negative vibes will not get to you but will bounce away. This has become the most commonly used crystal for protection and it does an excellent job at this. However, the only challenge is that it works against unintentional frequencies and as such, the attacks that are sent willfully may penetrate and affect you. Nonetheless, this is one of the best crystals for your daily protection.


Are you worried about sorcery, black magic, and curses? Fluorite is the protection crystal to go for as it will cloak your aura with the right energy. Ideally, this crystal will take you off the target and as such, the arrows that are sent your way will miss the target. For Fluorite to work, you will need to have your energy cleansed and this can be done professionally or through a fire ceremony, purification rite or a bath with a heavy-duty salt. When your energy is cleared, Fluorite will cloak it for your protection.


Black Obsidian is perfect for protection from sorcery, ill-fortune and fixation. This is the crystal to dispel these frequencies. This the reason why most shamans, witches, and magicians tend to use due to its powerful attributes. The gemstone has powers to break curses, returning energies to the sender and dismantling spirit attachments. This is the perfect crystal for protection and banishes such energies. You should wear this crystal all the time to ensure that the dark clouds are repelled. With this crystal, you will also be self-aware and can control your shadow aspects.


For the healing of sorrow, grief, trauma and other negative energies, the Apache Tear can work wonders. This is the perfect crystal to transmute negative energy and give you total healing. When you have this stone, it will take all the negative feelings and energies and convert them into great healing energy. As such, your heart and soul are restored to positive vibes. The crystal will lower and dispel dark, harmful or heavy energies. Crystal healers make use of it as it helps to resolve such experiences in a short while.


If you are concerned about spirit attachments and unwanted spirits, Staurolite is the crystal to wear. This is also referred to as the fairly cross-stone and by wearing it; you will get protection from negative influences and vibes. Having the rock with you throughout is an assurance of protection. When you have to walk through graveyards or have to deal with unfamiliar spirits, it is imperative to use the crystal for your safety. This is the stone that helps you connect with other realms that keep you safe and protects you from any form of black magic or negative influences.

6. JET

If you are looking for something that goes beyond the basic protection, then you may want to go for the Jet. This is a crystal that is effective in clearing internal emotional energy for those with paranormal abilities. There are some people who feel energies from other people and this can be detrimental. With this stone, you will be able to shut off these energies and your empathic abilities are neutralized. This is a great gift to use, although it is known to have some disadvantages.

The main objective of this rock is to absorb the energy that emits it. As such, when you are affected but someone’s emotions, the Jet will cleanse those energies from your system. This allows you to stay in touch with the issues surrounding you, but you will not be subjected to emotional turmoil for the same. While this is a powerful stone to protect your empathic side, Jet needs to be cleared occasionally.


For self-defense, strengthening and healing of your aura, the Infinite is the best crystal. While you may not be aware, your aura plays a vital role in the defense mechanism of your body and as such, it needs to be strong and healthy at all times. The infinite improve self-care and with this crystal, you can be sure that the negative influences and vibes will be kept at a bay. Life has a number of habits that tend to affect your aura and this is why you will need this rock. When you have it, it will boosts wellness, strength, wholeness as well as vitality and it will repair and heal the affected parts of your aura.

Finding the best crystal for protection will have numerous benefits. We believe that with this guide, you should be able to pick the right crystal to serve your specific protection needs.

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