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What Is Crystal Healing Therapy and How Does It Work?

Alternative medicine uses healing crystals, such as amethyst and quartz to treat illnesses and ward off diseases. Practitioners believe that the stones act as conduits for healing. They believe that positive energy flows into the body as negative energy flows out.

Even so, crystal healing remains popular at health spas and New Age health clinics, sometimes incorporated into related practises of massage and Reiki. Such settings might help induce relaxation, although such claims are not backed by scientific evidence.

Crystal Healing Therapy: A Background

Crystal healing therapy has its roots in the ancient art of crystal gazing. During the rise of the spiritualism movement in the 1800s, crystal gazing was a common practice of psychics and mediums, who would gaze into crystals to divine the future.

Crystal healing entered the mainstream in the 1960s and ’70s, embraced by the counterculture’s embrace of alternative healing practices. The practise continues today.

Crystal healing is also known as crystal therapy, crystal power healing, and crystal energy healing. It is based on the belief that crystals have healing powers. Some therapists believe it is a form of energy medicine.

How Crystal Healing Therapy Works

The treatment can be applied in various ways, from laying the stones on the body to poultices or oils.

Crystals are thought to heal through their energy vibrations. Many of the stones are believed to balance the body’s chakras, which are typically described as energy fields. Crystal healers believe that chakras are energy centres in the body, with each chakra relating to a specific area or organ.

Many crystal healers believe that blockages in the chakra energy field cause illness. A therapist may apply crystals to a patient as a form of treatment. They believe that the stones’ positive vibrations help unblock the patient’s chakras and restore wellness.

Belief in the healing powers of crystals has many parallels with the belief in homeopathy and the healing power of auras.

How Crystal Healing Therapy Is Used Today

Although crystal healers continue to report success with the treatment, no scientific studies have assessed its effectiveness. Practitioners might also use crystals as part of a holistic treatment plan, along with Reiki and massage.

Some therapists also offer crystal therapy treatments at health spas. Some practitioners believe crystals should be placed at specific points along the physical body. In contrast, others believe that the stones should be placed directly on the body without any particular pattern.

The crystals used in crystal healing therapy may vary in size and shape. Some health spas and holistic clinics keep a variety of stones on hand, while other practitioners may treat patients with specific crystals.

How Safe Is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is considered safe and mainly without side effects. Crystals are believed to be very gentle and without harm, but scientific studies have not evaluated this.

Some therapists may recommend that patients avoid using some crystals, including black tourmaline and bloodstone, while pregnant or breastfeeding.


Crystal therapy is one of the many alternative healing therapies available today. It is the subject of much speculation but no scientific research. Some practitioners think crystals have healing powers, but their underlying theory remains unproven.

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