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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 27th Jun 2021

What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps And How Do They Work?

If you have never heard about Himalayan salt lamps, welcome aboard. They are decorative lights engraved from pink Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt lamps are said to be wellness products of pink salt crystals. Their origin is traced to the Himalayas in places like Pakistan. In recent years, Himalayan salt lamps' popularity has increased significantly. If you are focused on living a healthy lifestyle, this is the salt lamp to use.

Himalayan salt lamps are not challenging to find. They are those pink light lamps you notice in your neighbor’s house or on social media. What makes these lamps popular is their ability to create a calm atmosphere. Himalayan salt lamps are exquisite reason why they are used for their aesthetic appeal. It is also claimed that these lamps are linked to numerous health benefits.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

How do they work?

According to studies, Himalayan salt lamps actually do work through air ionization. What does this mean? It is the process of releasing negative ions into the air. So what happens is Himalayan salt lamps attract water molecules that are evaporating when the lamp releases negative ions. To put it simply, Himalayan salt lamps enhance indoor air quality by eliminating air pollutants. If the air around you is clean and unpolluted, you will enjoy good health.

However, it is essential to note that these are actual claims because no evidence has been brought forth to show that Himalayan salt lamps really work. It is also claimed that since Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions, they go a long way in ensuring you get adequate sleep. This is in addition to minimizing allergy symptoms. Interestingly, some individuals claim that the glowing light of the lamp brings forth a calm environment. The serenity provided goes a long way in improving mental and emotional health.

Himalayan Salt Lamps benefits

Himalayan salt lamps come with several benefits, which include: -

It is alleged that Himalayan salt lamps can increase blood flow. How is that possible? Through the release of negative ions, which hasten blood flow.

Himalayan salt lamps are excellent when it comes to relaxation. They produce cool hues that calm the body automatically because of the serenity achieved. That is how this salt lamp enables you to balance your spiritual, emotional, and physical energies.

They can help you sleep a bit faster if at all you struggle to sleep. They come with dim lights that go a long way in enabling you to catch sleep extremely fast. That would genuinely be helpful, don't you think?

If you are having problems concentrating and focusing, the Himalayan salt lamps can come in handy. The negative ions released increase oxygen and blood levels in the brain. That way, your mind is triggered to focus and concentrate in ways you cannot imagine.

The color and light produced by Himalayan salt lamps are said to be useful for therapy. The colors are pretty soothing and go a long way in creating a calm mood.

Himalayan salt lamps can increase energy levels which rejuvenate the body. Positive ions do not increase energy levels; they do the opposite. If you want to experience a refreshing effect all around you, make use of this salt lamp.

Facts about Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salts lamp contain salt, which attracts water naturally. Oftentimes, you will find water deposited at the surface of the lamp. However, this water is not retained, for it tends to evaporate very fast. Now the small amounts of water vapor present in the air are beneficial for they get hold of bacteria, allergens, air pollutants, and mold. On the other hand, when water evaporates, negative ions are released, which have a positive effect on the quality of air.

These lamps should not be mistaken for quality air filters. Note that they are incapable of releasing high amounts of negative ions. Such can only be found in genuine air quality filters. Do not count on Himalayan salt lamps to work on health problems you might be having.

On the brighter side, you can consider them for your home. They produce an amazing light source that makes your home bright and lively. Follow the laid down safety tips for these lamps when using them to avoid any misfortunes. Also, check to ensure that the lamp is not faulty to prevent any risks.

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