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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Ould on 17th Dec 2021

​5 Uses of Amethyst Crystals in the Practice of Feng Shui

Amethyst, a purple mineral crystal, is more than a gem associated with wealth, prosperity, and elegance. It is also related to the practice of Feng Shui or the process of arranging the pieces of furniture in a living space to create a balance in the natural world. But how does the Amethyst come into the picture? Here are the most common uses of Amethyst crystals in Feng Shui.

1. Purifies Energy

Amethyst forms in various colours and crystal shapes and is often clear. However, it acquires the purple-hued colour from absorbing large amounts of radiation in the form of iron from the surrounding rock. The energy gets released after mining the crystal. The presence of iron in the crystal makes it a powerful deflector of negative energy and helps purify the environment.

It also eliminates the negativity in the environment and natural energies of the house. It is used in feng shui as purification crystals and placed in the north and south corners of the house to help flow positive energy in the environment.

2. Provides Protection

Apart from being the most common form of feng shui crystals, Amethyst crystals can also ward off evil spirits and protect the house’s occupants. Placing them in the southern corner of the house, or Po Jun’s evil corner in Chinese, should make them more effective. It is also placed in the home of an infant or a baby to protect the child from evil.

It is the most preferred crystal amongst the Feng Shui experts for protection. The Amethyst crystal is placed in the south corner of the house to protect the residents from the bad energy in the environment and provide a positive energy flow.

3. Balances Yin and Yang

The Amethyst crystal is the best option to balance the Yin Yang energies in a home. The Yin Yang represents the male and female energies in the universe. The Amethyst crystal is used in the north corner of the house to balance the Yin Yang energies.

Amethyst crystals can serve as alternatives to candles or incense in Feng Shui. They provide a natural calming effect to the mind and the body, eliminating the adverse effects of digital devices and electronic gadgets.

4. Amplifies Energy

Amethyst crystal is used in Feng Shui to amplify or increase the house’s energy flow and can get the best results when placed in the north corner of the house.

Amethyst crystals are not only associated with feng shui and the balancing of energies at home. However, people also use them for psychic practices. It enhances the psychic abilities of the individual and helps to meditate and still the mind.

5. Purifies Water

The Amethyst crystal is considered a healing crystal for water. It is used in feng shui practices to purify the water in the house. It helps in treating water-related diseases, including the treatment of the conditions related to the urinary tract.

In Feng Shui, the Amethyst crystal can be placed under the bed of a person suffering from water-related diseases, such as kidney stones and urinary tract diseases. It is placed under the bed to purify the water and heal the patient.


Amethyst crystals and Feng Shui go hand-in-hand to provide balancing and protection in the home. These crystals can also purify the energy and water in the house to promote health and wellness. People can place them in specific areas, like in the child's room, to protect them from evil spirits that often attack children at night. It can provide health and healing as well.

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