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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 17th Feb 2022

Understanding the Science of Crystals on Body Healing

According to experts, crystals are a therapeutic powerhouse because they allow good, fruitful energy to flow into the body while removing bad, toxic energy. Like other kinds of alternative medicine, they function by channelling your energy levels and allowing you to cure your body from the inside out.

Crystals can also create a placebo effect in the human body, which has been scientifically demonstrated to aid medical treatment. Because of their molecular makeup, these healing rocks and crystals have a unique vibration and frequency. The way they move and interact significantly impacts your mood, cognition, and health.

You have probably seen those small cards in a crystal shop that explain the meanings and advantages of each stone. Additionally, you may have wondered how they came up with these meanings in the past. What is the function of the crystals? Continue reading to learn more.

Do Crystals Affect the Mind and Body?

Crystals harness the energy of the sun, moon, and oceans to improve your state and interact with the chakras of the body. As a result, they enhance your physical and mental well-being when you place or hold them over the body. They can also help you concentrate and think more creatively if you use them correctly.

Humans have a unique vibratory frequency, like everything else in the universe. Those who have higher vibrations radiate kindness, love, peace, and compassion, whereas others who have lower vibrations tend to showcase emotions such as jealousy, anger, or fear.

Your vibration is incredibly unstable and quickly altered, no matter what frequency you have. It is continuously changing as you are exposed to other people, environments, experiences, social media, good and bad news, your recollections, and so on.

On the other hand, crystals have a very consistent energy frequency because they are made up of a precise geometric pattern of molecules that are fixed and repeated regularly. They maintain their flawless steadiness with no effort, contrary to erratic, unpredictable human nature.

Your Chakras

The seven energetic centres that transport energy through the body are known as chakras. You have the lowest vibrational frequency if you start at the bottom and its attributes reflect this.

Chakras are concerned with the most fundamental aspects of life, like your bodily and emotional well-being. As you progress through the chakra system, you proceed from the more basic emotions to the more profound sentiments of joy, love, and creativity.

Chakras may become cluttered due to life events and influences. We can become out of sync if this happens. There will be symptoms that your energy is out of balance, whether it manifests as a medical symptom or emotional upheaval.

Chakras and Crystals

Every human, like each crystal, has a unique energy frequency. A number of elements determine it, including the size, content, and, most importantly, the colour.

It is not clear why it matters how a piece of crystal looks. Certain light frequencies produce the colours we see. The same can be said for bodies.


Crystals can help rectify any misalignment by returning the energy centres to the frequencies they are supposed to vibrate. If you are unsure which chakra is best to focus on, go with the one you are drawn to by your intuition, the one you adore. Your body and intuition are aware of what you need.

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