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The Healing Properties of the Colourful Fluorite Crystal

Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 10th Feb 2023

The Healing Properties of the Colourful Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite is a multi-coloured mineral crystal known greatly for its beneficial healing and energetic properties. It looks beautiful, and many people yearn to have their own. If held under a certain angle and UV lights, it emits this gorgeous glow making it captivating.

However, aside from its appearance, what exactly is fluorite, and what benefits will you gain from it?

What Does a Fluorite Crystal Mean?

Fluorite is a colourful mineral stone known to heal and help with many things but primarily heighten spiritual senses. Many refer to crystals as a type of guide towards self-healing. Many of us had experienced being “in the zone” and have come with a clear mind. This is said to be the benefit of having your fluorite crystal.

Depending on its colour, each fluorite crystal could mean a different thing. Below are the most common colours of fluorite crystal and what they mean:

1. White/Clear Fluorite

The clear fluorite allows for mental clarity and the gift of foresight. While it may not necessarily mean you can see into the future, it means you will gain clarity on making decisions or issues that have been troubling you.

2. Green Fluorite

Being related to the heart chakra, this crystal protects your heart and gives it support. This colour is perfect for dealing with grief and heartbreaks.

3. Blue Fluorite

The blue fluorite encourages clarity, truth and enhances the ability to communicate. It helps you reach out to others and express your own emotions within.

4. Purple Fluorite

This colour fluorite is closely related to peace. It calls for spiritual awakening and protection, and love in your life.

5. Yellow Fluorite

This sunshine colour brings joy and happiness to your life. It is a ray of hope that attracts positive energy.

6. Rainbow Fluorite

The rainbow fluorite is the most powerful of all fluorite crystals; the rainbow fluorite provides a deep connection to the inner self. Said to provide psychic abilities, this crystal elevates your spiritual self.

What Are the Healing Properties of Fluorite?

Fluorite crystal is a healing stone that gives vitality to the body and the soul. It is said to vibrate in a way that releases negative energy and enables you to let go of the past.

Fluorite is said to work well for:

  • Heightening spiritual senses
  • Enhancing psychic abilities
  • Protecting the heart and allowing healing
  • Healing the body and soul
  • Healing past traumas
  • Learning to heal through spiritual awakening
  • Healing other people
  • Eliminating negative energy
  • Developing self-confidence

How Should You Use a Fluorite Crystal?

Fluorite can be worn as jewellery, or you can put it in the four corners of your home or the four corners of a room. Just keeping it in those places, or you can ask it to energise any room in the house, brings a calming vibration.

You can also put a fluorite crystal in the centre of your room, inside a pyramid, or inside an object that you want to be penetrated with its healing energies. You can put it under your pillow, put it in a bowl of water and place it near your head when you sleep.

For a more hands-on approach, you can place a fluorite crystal on your stomach, focus on breathing in and out and let the stone do the work. You can do this either lying down or sitting down. If you are not yet familiar with crystals, you can choose a piece of fluorite jewellery and wear it around your neck every day.


The many different colours of fluorite crystal each have their healing properties. The best way to know how to use a fluorite crystal is to get acquainted with the crystal and how it makes you feel. Each person is different and reacts to different colours, so it is essential to decide what resonates with you the most.

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