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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 8th Feb 2020

Smoky quartz generator: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

What is Smoky Quartz Generator?

Smoky Quartz is cleansing and detoxing crystal that can have various positive effects in your body mind and soul. It is called generator crystal because it reenergizes the energy of other crystals around. Smoky quartz generator is a pretty solid buy and can be a great gift for your friend or relatives.

Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz Generators

Like most of the crystals, smoky quartz generator also has healing properties. It is really helpful for people with depression, anxiety and stress because it helps to cleanse energies around your house.

It also has detoxing effects and said to improve one’s immunity. Besides these physical benefits, they are also pretty useful in application of removing painful emotional wounds.

Besides that, it is also said to be cheaper than therapy and alternative to antidepressants according to some sources online. I don’t know if they have that much healing abilities but then again, you can only experience it if you have used it.

Smoky Quartz Crystals

How to use smoky quartz generator?

1. Put it around your house and especially around other crystals

If you are a crystal hoarder, this is a must have crystal for you. As it’s said to energize other crystals- hence, the name Smoky “Generator”; you must definitely have this.

Besides energizing other crystals, it also provides healing energy in your house and your psyche.

2. Meditate with it.

If you are a transcendental meditator and meditate regularly, using this stone while meditating is pretty beneficial for you. Having this around your house already has positive effects but if you use it during meditation, the effect is just that much positive.

3. Decorate your space with it.

You know they say medicines tastes better but some medicines are sweet and those are the best kinds of medicine. It’s the same with these crystals. They look pretty and can be used to decorate your home.

You can buy it as a gift for your friend as well especially if they love collecting crystals- they’ll appreciate it.


Interesting facts about Smoky Generator Quartz

  • They are cut in a way that focuses energy in a way that can heal environment and energize other crystals as well.
  • People also claim to use this crystal to put their intentions out to the universe so that they get something back.
  • Even though people claim its healing properties, it’s not used to diagnosis and treatment of patients by any medical associations or doctors.
  • They make for a great gift because they are available in different sizes, different shape and price range.
  • They are quite rare in nature and dealers sell other kinds of crystals claiming it to be generator but that might not be true sometimes.
  • The best generators have special shape and generally 6 faces.
  • It is best to use this crystal for guided meditation involving 6 people because it has 6 faces.
  • They are also called master crystals because they can receive many ideas and help to merge it into one cohesive master plan.

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