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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 16th Jun 2021

Shiva Lingam Or God Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, And Sources

Understanding Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is a sacred crypto-crystalline stone. It is highly associated with the Indian Hindu religion. Shiva Lingam is a member of the Quartz family and is found in one of the seven sacred Indian rivers. Most of the times, villagers take a visit in Onkar Mandhata to the Narmada River to outline their famed lingam shape. Shiva Lingams can be found in various sizes, with some standing tall at about 10 feet. What the Shiva Lingam does is increase the vitality energy levels in your body. By doing that, the overall health of your body is improved.

Shiva Lingam Crystal

Why do you need Shiva Lingam?

There are times you feel your energy levels are decreasing by the day. During such times you need to have a Shiva Lingam stone. It will go a long way in helping you find the strength you need for your everyday life. This stone is also helpful if you feel disconnected from yourself and with your loved ones. Shiva Lingam will get you back to your usual self or even transform you to be a much better person.

Shiva Lingam is not your everyday stone. It is without a doubt a special and unique stone. However, some people find its shape somehow a bit strange. Well, it takes the symbol of Lord Shiva which is an elongated egg. We can call it the Lord Shiva’s lingam which symbolizes divine generative energy.

Shiva Lingam healing properties

Spiritual healing

Shiva Lingam enables you to understand the spiritual opposing forces and how to contain them. One thing that you will truly comprehend with Shiva Lingam is how it identifies with the one true God. It shows you that He is the ultimate being. Once you realize that you are able to live your life knowing that there is a higher power watching over you. The moment you possess Shiva Lingam, your spiritual structure will be defined as such allowing you to connect deeper to the divine realm. Shiva Lingam allows us to forgive ourselves and our loved ones making us live a happy and joyous life.

Mental healing

When our mind feels overwhelmed, it may negatively affect our inner self. You may start having negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Shiva Lingam will help undo such patterns that make you not progress in life. We have to embrace our own imperfections because that is what defines us. That is what Shiva Lingam will help you understand. Reminding us that we are capable of amazing deeds only if we believe in ourselves. Shiva Lingam ensures that we are aware of how beautiful we are. A beauty that goes beyond measure the unbelief’s we have. It helps us do away with thoughts of comparison to others and helping us be satisfied with who we are. While it may not be easy, Shiva Lingam instils in our minds incredible knowledge and wisdom to take up anything that comes our way.

Emotional healing

Friendship can be mended and love rekindled with the help of Shiva Lingam. It has a way of helping us express true love and our true selves. With Shiva Lingam you are able to connect on a deeper level with others. It creates unbreakable powerful bonds of undying love, loyalty and true friendship. With Shiva Lingam you are reminded that you are never alone no matter what. If you are far from your loved one, Shiva Lingam reminds you that you share a love with an unbreakable bond that knows no distance. Shiva Lingam is one of the best stones for romantic partners. It keeps the fire of passion burning and a desire to love each other even more.

Sources of Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam can be sourced from the Narmada River because that is what it is located. Narmada River is one of the seven sacred rivers in India. The Narmada River which is a holy river begins from Maikala at Amarkantak in the Madhya Prades area flowing southwest right into Cambay Bay. From Cambay Bay, the river flows directly into the Arabian Sea. Right at the banks of the Narmada River is the largest temple which was dedicated to Lord Shiva. That is where the Shiva Lingam is in the shape of an egg. The egg shape is symbolic where the eggs symbolize both the male and female principle.


Shiva lingam was formed to show commitment to Lord Shiva. Above that, it acts as a reminder that as human beings, we are all interconnected somehow. The Shiva Lingam fills you with happy positive thoughts. With determination and courage to face tomorrow better with no self-doubt. Shiva Lingam increases intimacy. Who wouldn’t love to experience that in their lives? No one I bet. This is one of the most powerful stones more so because of its transformational capabilities.

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