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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 8th Jun 2021

Pyrite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses And Cleansing Process Explained

Introduction to Pyrite

Inasmuch as all that glitters isn't gold, Pyrite might just be that gold. This a must-have stone that acts as a symbol of wealth. Who wouldn’t want to have such in their lives? Not only does Pyrite symbolize wealth but also good luck. Pyrite is mostly referred to as “Fool’ s gold” due to its shimmery golden nature. It has the colour of gold, which, when combined with the midday sun, ends up revitalizing your strength. Whenever your spirit is feeling low and unmotivated, the Pyrite can help you regain your spirits fully. This stone has a powerful energy that takes you to a new level of strength and wisdom.

Meaning of Pyrite

Pyrite is an iron disulfide mineral that appears as brass-yellow. It is a bright metallic lustre commonly known as fool’s gold or iron pyrite. Pyrite’s chemical composition is FeS2 containing 53.33 % sulfur and 46.67 % iron. Pyrite originated from the Greek word pyr, which means “fire.” You will notice that when Pyrite is hit by metal, it discharges sparks which can light a fire. That is why Pyrite was once used for firearms and a source of sulfur.

The reason why Pyrite is called “Fool’s Gold” is to the common it looks similar to gold. You can look at Pyrite and immediately think you have found gold. The difference between gold and Pyrite is gold will bend, but Pyrite will break because it is brittle by nature. Don't be fooled! Get to know the difference between the two.

Just like a mother protects her young babies, so does Pyrite protects you and enables you to think straight. Pyrite can be compared to your right-hand man, who is always there to help you make the right decisions. You can make things happen by the message of Pyrite. Your life will never be the same again.

Pyrite healing properties

What makes Pyrite exceptional is its ability to offer protection. With this stone, you can be assured that all the negative energy will be sent away. Pyrite works on both emotional and physical levels to ensure you only enjoy positive vibrations. If you feel like your memory is failing, make use of Pyrite. It ignites your memory to help you remember any information you may require. With this stone, you will get to get a more profound revelation of word and actions. Pyrite is so powerful that even the ancient Incas made use of it for divination and meditation.

Physical healing

When a disease seems untreatable, that is when the physical healing properties of Pyrite come in. It can be used to facilitate healing in a way you never thought possible. Pyrite healing is critical for treating fungal infections, skin disorders, blood disorders, and many more. It also helps in improving blood circulation and oxygenation. Pyrite works on the respiratory system treating bronchitis and asthma. It also works on fertility eliminating impotence and cases of infertility in men.

Emotional healing

Pyrite has excellent emotional healing properties that work exceptionally well for people with self-esteem issues. It helps people suffering from depression, excessive worrying, despair, and anxiety. The more you use Pyrite, your confidence will be boosted, enabling you to tackle situations clearly. That means this stone will improve your personal and professional lifestyle.

Uses of Pyrite

Pyrite can be used in a home or office setting to do away with bad energy. That way, it ends up attracting positive energy where it has been placed.

This is quite interesting. Pyrite attracts wealth. You will attract good fortune by placing Pyrite at your business place.

When you wear Pyrite, the stone’s energy is directly absorbed into your skin because of contact. If you wear Pyrite jewellery during meditation, it will help open up all or any of the lower chakras.

Cleansing Pyrite

The importance of cleansing pyrite often is to ensure it keeps up with its healing powers. Pyrite cannot be cleansed with water and soap like every other crystal. It is an exception because it is prone to rust. The best way to cleanse Pyrite is by using sage. Smudge the stone by lighting sage. By doing that, all the bad energy will be swept away.


There is nothing happier than having your spirits up all the time. No more sadness, anxiety, sorrow; all you get to enjoy is inner peace. That is why Pyrite provides you with. It is an excellent crystal that you can use to create endless possibilities. Pyrite is a worthwhile investment. Welcome abundance, joy, wealth, happiness and luck by using Pyrite. These are incredible opportunities that will take your life to a new level. There is a lot of good you can achieve by using this precious stone. Why not get yours today and enjoy everything that comes with it.

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