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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 10th Dec 2021

How to Properly Use Crystals

Crystals are often used in jewelry, just like gems are. Creating a collection of crystals is a great first step for new witches and is frequently an ongoing pastime for more experienced witches. Building a set of crystals is a classic first step when you're starting to learn witchcraft, and even seasoned practitioners add new stones to their collections when they can.

In this article, we'll go over how to properly use crystals:

1. Start with a Clear Intention

Use your crystal to manifest a specific intention by holding it in your hands and talking to it. Just like sending a message to the universe, you're sending a message to the crystal, which will help it work its magic on your behalf.

2. Choose the Right Crystal

There are countless crystals out there, so it can be overwhelming to know which ones you should use. Your ikigai crystal will be the one that speaks to you the most. The best guideline for choosing a crystal is to pick the one that resonates the most with you.

3. Cleanse Your Crystal before Using It

Even though crystals are pretty good at cleansing themselves, it's still a good idea to cleanse your crystal after you've used it. Cleanse your crystal in running water. If your crystal is waterproof, you can cleanse it by placing it in the sun for an hour.

4. Place Your Crystal in Its Magical Spot

You don't have to sit with your crystal in your hand. Instead, you can put it in one of your sacred spots, like on your altar or in your corner. You can wear your crystal to bed at night or put it in your pocket.

5. Set an Intention for Your Crystal

You can empower your crystal before using it. You can set an intention for what you want your crystal to do, and that intention will bring the crystal into its magical state.

6. Use Your Crystal for Your Spell

Your crystal can help you manifest your magic and perform your spell. The crystal will help you focus and draw energy and power from the universe.

7. Bury Your Crystal

You can bury your crystal to let it return to the earth after use. But what if you don't have a place to bury it, or you want it to stay with you? You can consecrate your crystal, which means you can set a specific intention for your crystal to be always there for you.

8. Cleanse Your Crystal

It's a good idea to cleanse your crystal after every use. Clean your crystal by running it under a waterfall, or if it's waterproof, put it in a bowl of iced water.

9. Be Aware of Crystals That Are Toxic

Never use crystals that are toxic to your body. Many crystals are known for being toxic, so it's important to check beforehand to be sure you're using something that won't harm you.

10. Use Your Intuition to Select Your Crystal

You can trust your intuition to guide you when it comes to choosing a crystal. Your intuition will be more accurate than any book or website or crystal seller.

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