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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 27th Jun 2021

How To Cleanse And Charge Your Crystals From Time To Time?

Crystals have become quite popular not just because of their beauty but also their immense healing properties. They usually absorb both positive and negative energies depending on the surroundings they are in. As such, it is important to cleanse them regularly to eliminate the negative energy that might have been absorbed.

In addition, you need to practice charging your crystals so that their energy does not get depleted. If your crystal has lost power, it cannot function as it should. Crystals operate the same way as your electronic devices. That means they have to be recharged to maintain their positive energies.

How to cleanse and charge your crystals from time to time?

Cleansing and charging crystals is not a difficult task. There are various ways that you can indulge in to cleanse your crystals.

Full moon 


One of the ways to cleansing crystals is by making use of the full moon. Anytime you spot a full moon in a month, that is the best time to cleanse your crystals. A full moon is filled with immense energy that will be useful in clearing bad energies inhabiting your crystal. The crystal moonlight has been used as a cleansing tool for years. It is a powerful way that will leave your crystals feeling anew.

To cleanse your crystals in the full moon, do the following;

On the night you are pretty sure of a full moon, take your crystal outside.

Look for a place where the moon’s light will reflect directly on the crystal. If you feel that the ground is crowded and cannot find a suitable location, why not consider the rooftop of your house.

Once you place your crystal in the right place, allow it to be there throughout the night.

Do not wake up very early the following day to get your crystal. No no! Give it time and pick it at 11 am or thereabout. Allowing the crystal outside in the morning enables it to merge energies of the moon and the Sun.


The moon plays a crucial role in charging your crystal. A full moon delivers positive energy, which is critical in maintaining positive influence in a crystal.

To charge your crystal, follow the same cleansing steps, and you will be amazed by how wonderfully it works. Moonlight comes with immense benefits that you would love your crystals to have.

Other ways of cleansing and charging crystals include;

Saltwater – Normal table salt can be used to cleanse crystals. You can submerge them in a bowl filled with salty water. The salty mixture should be a teaspoon of regular table salt poured into a bowl of water. If you are cleansing your crystals for the first time, leave them overnight for the best results. However, if you have cleansed your crystals before, allow them an hour or so to rest.

Visualize – Did you know that you could actually visualize and cleanse your crystals? Yes, it is possible. Your thoughts are extremely powerful, and you can use them to get rid of bad energies in your crystals. Get your crystal and hold it in your palms. Start meditating and reflecting on its pure white light surrounding you. Slowly by slowly, you will start feeling your crystal becoming a bit light. That is a clear indication that cleansing is taking place.

Running water – This is the easiest method to cleanse your crystals. Open your tap and have running water go over them. Be gentle as you run your fingers over them. You will wash away the negative energy that might be attached to the crystals.

Apart from charging your crystals under full moonlight, you can also carry out the following: -

Sunshine – Why not use Sun, a natural resource that we have been blessed with on the earth, to charge your crystals. Go outside and place your crystals on higher ground. The Sun should shine brightly on your crystals to expose them fully. That is the best to charge and recharge your crystals.

Charging station – Try and make a simple charging station that you can be using to charge your crystals. It doesn’t have to cost you much to make a stylish charging station. It is one of the best and most powerful ways to energize your crystals. This space that you will create is what will be used to charge your crystals.


No matter how hard you try, crystals will always pick up negative vibes. The good news is, you can do something about it. To keep your crystals performing at their best, ensure you cleanse and charge them often. Do not neglect your crystals. Remember that they play a crucial role in your life. It is therefore paramount that you do whatever it takes to ensure they are well taken care of.

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