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Apophyllite Crystals Uses, Meaning, Healing Properties and Interesting Facts

19th Feb 2020

Apophyllite Crystals Uses, Meaning, Healing Properties and Interesting Facts

What is Apophyllite Crystal?

Apophyllite refers to calming and encouraging honesty to yourself and others as well. Apophyllite Crystals are used for calming and tranquillity as well. These are great in many stressful situations. Furthermore, they are also helpful for removing all the negativity one possesses. It creates a connection between the physical and spiritual side of a person. Moreover, it transmits a lot of vibrational energy. When it is kept in a room, it can be treated as a very good space cleaner as well.

Apophyllite Crystals is a very good transmitter of positive energy. In fact, a pyramid of Apophyllite can energetically clear a whole room. 

Uses of Apophyllite Crystals

Apophyllite Crystals are used for a lot of purposes. They are used for crystal gazing. It is very easy to use for crystal gazing. For that, you don’t need to get a lot of detail about your crystal. You can simply place it a bit on the side.

The side views also give information about what is going to happen in the future. By just looking to it, you will feel a very conscious connection with your soul. Furthermore, the bright white light Apophyllite possesses is much more relaxing. The bright light carries a lot of energy.

By using the crystal, you will be able to know the reason which is preventing your happiness. Also, you will get to know more about who you are. It also makes you realize the reasons for all your past and present actions.

Using Apophyllite Crystals have many psychic based uses as well. By the use of these crystals, you can enhance your intuitive as well as telepathic abilities. Furthermore, it also helps you to have total control in your spirit and the state of mind as well.

Healing Properties of Apophyllite Crystals

Apophyllite has great use in healing the body as well as the spirit of a person. The main reason behind this is the light and energy radiated by the crystal. It helps you to get in the state of deeper relaxation which will eventually aid you to heal.

Apophyllite is very useful to heal the deep spirit of a person. It is very helpful in removing stress, depression, and anxiety which are the most common problems in the people of today.

Furthermore, by placing a piece of the crystal on the chest, allergic asthma can be healed. Due to the high water content of the stones, it works well on the body.

Interesting Facts

  • The origin of Apophyllite Crystals is Poona, India.
  • The main composition of the crystal contains fluoro, nitro, and hydroxyl mineral species.
  • Apophyllite is mostly tetragonal in shape and they are pale green in color.
  • Apophyllite Crystals are typically found as dipyramidal crystals in the cavities present in basalt.

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