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8th Feb 2020

Amethyst Geode: Meaning and Healing properties and Uses

It looks like a purple fruit opening just about to ooze with starry tears but it is actually a quartz. Since it’s a violet variety of quartz and has shining properties, it looks attractive and has other practical purposes as well.

Talking scientifically, these are formed when large crystals grow inside a volcanic rock. They are mostly found in southwestern Brazil and Uruguay. Besides that South Korea also has lots of these quartz.

Amethyst Geode Healing Properties 

As we all know that all natural and artificial things have certain energy about them. Rocks and crystals are always interacting with their surroundings.

The main reason people are obsessed with Amethyst Geode is its color, hue and how it can be used for decal purposes.

Besides that, Amethyst are also said to have healing properties. It is a natural tranquilizer and guards against psychic attacks. It dissolves negativity, opens up spiritual dimension within you.

I am not telling you that it’s a magic toe that will fix everything but if you are willing, the usage of this stone certainly helps.

It is also useful to release tension, reducing pain and strengthening body from illness.

Not all of it is scientifically proven but it is used in meditation rooms and other rooms inside your house where you want to cleanse the energy and reduce effects of electromagnetic radiation.

How to Use Amethyst Geode

1. For decal purposes

Many people use this item for their impeccable beauty. Some people prefer the natural quartz whereas some like it when it’s been cut and shaped into a nice and crisp form.

You can put it on ring, put little pieces of Amethyst on your tables and inside rooms. You don’t have to worry too much but really be free and try to decorate your space with the quartz.

2. For health benefits

As I have already mentioned that Amethyst stimulates healthy body functioning, reduces stress and has healing property, it can be used for health purposes.

One can use it when doing meditations, during the ties of illness. You can’t just expect stone to clear every illness but the belief and certain energy of the Amethyst certainly can boost your health in small ways.

3. For Business

Not that conventional way to use it but certainly a great one. As many people use it, you can get involved in Amethyst business and make money as well.

Interesting Facts about Amethyst

  • The violet in Amethyst is because of impurities of iron and other transition metals.
  • Ancient Greeks drank from Amethyst cups in the belief that it would cure intoxication.
  • It is a traditional birth stone for February.
  • Amethyst that are faded can be darkened artificially by adequate irradiation.
  • Using the process of hydrothermal growth, Amethyst can also be synthesized in laboratory.
  • The highest grade of Amethyst occurring in nature is called “Deep Russian” is exceptionally rare and is old for high prices.
  • Tibetans consider it sacred to Buddha and make prayer beads from it as well.

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