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Agate Geodes - Healing Properties and their uses

Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 14th Mar 2020

Agate Geodes - Healing Properties and their uses

Geodes are rocks that are commonly found in sedimentary rocks or volcanic rocks. These are rocks that have internal crystalline formations, with a concentric banding. The interiors of these stones contain quartz crystals while the exteriors are mainly made of limestone and other related rocks. There are other types of geodes that are known as nodules, which contain crystal totally. In their natural forms, there are very few parts of the world that the crystals can be found. However, there are miners who get these rocks and polish them and display them on shelves of their stores.

Agate geodes, in particular, are natural rock formations that have their cavities lines up with crystals or other types of mineral elements. They are round in shape and they have a wide range of uses. In most cases, the geodes are believed to help with the communication of the divine beings and the earth. As such, they are used for absorbing negative energies and creating better moods. Agate geodes have a number of healing properties to offer and can be used for meditation as well as other applications.

Properties of Agate Geodes

Agate has quite a number of properties to offer and they are known to be quite useful. Some of the properties that are quite visible in agate geodes is calming, healing, courage protection and balancing of the yin/yang energy. Here are the key properties:


Traditionally, the rocks were placed in the cooking or drinking water and would be used to heal all types of sickness. However, the healing properties are determined by the specific color of the agate.


Besides healing, this is a stone that was used in ancient times for strength and as such, it was part of the breastplate worn by warriors. This was considered to give the warriors strength in battle and would be used to achieve victories.

Creativity and Intellect

The other significant property that agate has is the enhancing creativity and the strengths of the intellect. As such, most artists and students can draw some significant benefits from these rocks. The fact that it will balance yin/yang energy gives you harmony and this is what increases the energy. However, due to its nature, it does not increase energy at all times since it is a ground stone; it will boost the energy as needed.


Agate is one of the best protective crystals that you can come across. Most people believe that it is ideal for children and will keep them away from danger. This can be made into jewelry, amulet or can be carried around in bags. Most stone experts say that agate will protect the kids from falling at any time and this is a great gemstone to have.

Emotional Support

Last, but not least, agate is perfect for your emotional support. This rock will dispel fears and negative vibes and boost courage, self-confidence and emotional strength. It will help you deal with and overcome any emotional issues without a problem.

Agate geodes are quite beneficial to the human race and have so much to offer.

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