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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 2nd Dec 2020

7 Crystals That Help You Sleep Well

Are you struggling with sleep and cannot seem to get to sleep well? Well, today is your lucky day as we have the right solution to solve your sleeping problems. There are different crystals, which are said to have diverse powers. If you have been having trouble with getting enough sleep at night, we have 7 crystals that help you sleep well at night. This is a natural solution for you and you will love the outcome.

Here are the 7 most powerful crystals for promoting good sleep:

  • Amethyst
  • Moonstone
  • Sodalite
  • Jade
  • Lepidolite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Selenite
  • 1. Amethyst

    Amethyst is known to have soothing and calming energies and this can help you sleep better. This crystal works by taking away all the negative energies that affect your sleep and the result is a relaxed and calm mind. All the stress will be removed from the body and the nervousness will also be eliminated. Place the crystals under your pillow to enjoy a good night’s sleep full of sweet dreams.

    2. Moonstone

    If emotional stress is taking a toll on you, it may be hard to get sound sleep. Moonstone is the right stone to have as this is known as the sleeping stone. The crystal will help alleviate frustrations and stress and leave you with a relaxed mind. The stone is used as a symbol of new beginnings.

    3. Sodalite

    Insomnia is a serious issue and can impact our overall health in a significant manner. Sodalite is the right crystal as it is known to have healing powers. By using this stone, you are guaranteed a peaceful and restful night. The stone has positive energies that promote calmness and order of the mind, which helps you get to sleep.

    4Clear Quartz

    Are nightmares your reason for not sleeping? The Clear Quartz is the right stone to have as this assures you of pleasant dreams in your sleep. One of the unique properties of this stone is that it has the capacity to magnify the healing powers of any crystals that touch it. As such, you can use it with other stones for a guaranteed restful night.

    5. Lepidolite

    Most times you are not able to sleep due to having a restless mind. Lepidolite is a great stone with healing power that will calm your mind. All the stress will be relieved and you will enjoy a sense of security when you have this stone. This crystal helps you sleep better by creating harmony and balance in the mind.

    6. Selenite

    Selenite is also one of the best crystals that can help you get rid of sleeping problems. This stone will create a hedge of positive energy around your body. In addition, your aura will be cleansed and refreshed. Once you wake up, you will feel rejuvenated and fully rested as all the negative energies will be absorbed.

    7. Jade

    There are many people who use Jade for decorative purposes, not realizing how much power the stone has. This crystal can help you get insightful dreams as it will ease the process of emotional release. It is referred to as the dream stone and is known to work efficiently in promoting proper sleep at night.


    Do you have an annoying sleeping pattern? Are you having problems getting to sleep every night? Before resorting to medical treatment, why not try these 7 crystals that help you sleep well? This is a natural solution and there are so many other stones that you can use. Either of the crystals discussed above is believed to give you a peaceful night and better sleep at night.

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