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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 14th Jun 2021

5 Best Crystals for Your Bedroom For Good Sleep and To Resist Negative Energy

The bedroom is not just a place you enter and lie down, no. It is your sanctuary. It is an intimate place that covers your nakedness away from the world. Many call their bedrooms their safe haven because that is where they get to be themselves. So when anxious thoughts keep crossing your mind, the bedroom cannot seem helpful at all. But that should not worry you because you can make use of the best crystals for your bedroom. They help you achieve inner peace, rejuvenate your body and enable you to enjoy quality sleep.

Let’s now focus on the top five crystals that will be of great help in your bedroom.

Rose Quartz – Stone of Love

Rose Quartz is best known as the stone of love. It radiates love all around. You cannot fail not to have this crystal in your bedroom. It creates peace and harmony where it is placed. Rose Quartz promotes passion and romance in a relationship. It is the best crystal to have in your bedroom because that is where love prevails.

Additionally, Rose Quartz is excellent in helping you sleep better. What is the sense of being in the bedroom yet you cannot have a quality sleep? Invest in this crystal for sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep. When you hold Rose Quartz before going to bed and focus on it, all the uneasiness and anxiety will flee. Place it under the pillow or somewhere safe to promote loving vibes in your bedroom.


This is one of the most beautiful crystals in the world. Also known as the Moon Stone, Selenite is connected to the tranquility of the body and mind. It is a beautiful white crystal that eliminates bad energies associated with nightmares and disturbed sleep. Try placing selenite beneath your pillow as you sleep, and you will be surprised by the peaceful sleep you will have.

Selenite is a peaceful stone. With it, you will only have pure thoughts, which are precisely what you should be having in your bedroom. It does not give room for negativity and emotional turmoil. This crystal works excellently in helping you significant decisions affecting your life. Please place it in your bedroom to radiate its light so that your mind is transformed to attract wise decisions and thoughts.


This is basically a spiritual stone. Amethyst is among the best crystals for your bedroom because of its ability to eliminate stress. This is a crystal that offers protection, meaning with it, nothing harmful will attack you. Having it in your bedroom goes a long way in clearing your thoughts. Fatigue and anxiety should stay away from your bedroom, and Amethyst crystal can help you with that.

Placing this crystal next to you as you sleep will do away with every sleep problem you may be facing. It ensures that you wake up refreshed, ready to face the day with confidence. You will have self-control when you practice using this crystal. Place it at the bedside table or beneath your pillow and watch it do wonders in your life.


Many times, Labradorite crystal is termed as the Stone of Transformation. This means it can change you to become a better person. It is a powerful crystal to use in the bedroom because it reveals the warrior in you. This is something that should be manifested in the bedroom, which is your safe haven. If you are not revealing the real you, theLabradorite crystal will help you get back to your usual self.

When you feel drained by negative energies, get into your bedroom when you get home and let the aura of this crystal transform you. As you sleep, you can place this crystal under your pillow for quality sleep. You will be amazed at how you will wake a better person than you were the previous night.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone, and protection is what we all need when in the bedroom. Its protective abilities ensure that you only enjoy positive energy. It does not dwell on negative energy; instead, it creates a peaceful environment for you to enjoy while in your bedroom. In addition, black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal that aids you in falling asleep in no time.

You will love this crystal because of its ability to resist negative energy. It ensures you have clear thoughts and enables you to be grounded. Choose to place the Black Tourmaline crystal next to your bedroom door. This will be great because as you enter your bedroom, this crystal will absorb all negativity. It means when you are in the bedroom, only positive energies will be lingering all around.


It is in the bedroom that you spend most of your time, especially after having a long day. Apart from that, it is in there that you make critical and life-changing decisions. That is why the bedroom has to be the safest place for you to run to. It should be free from all negative energies. Use the above bedroom crystals to stimulate positive energy and to help you sleep better.

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