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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 16th Jun 2021

​10 Most Precious And Rarest Gemstones On Earth

Gemstones are quite valuable in the world today having that there are more than 200 varieties of natural gemstone worldwide. Among these, we also have the rarest gemstones ever found on earth. These are the most valuable because of their unavailability.

Let us look at the rarest gemstones on earth.


Tanzanite is one of the rarest stones. It was discovered in Northern Tanzania in 1967.Many gemstones are found in different locales, but not with Tanzanite. It is only found in Tanzania by a Masai tribesman called Ali Juuyawatu. Tanzanite is among the official birthstones of December. This stone has become even rarer than diamonds. It is one of the stones that emit pleochroism, showcasing green-yellow, violet, brown to blue. However, tanzanite goes through heat treatment for it to produce the attractive hues.


The deposit of Benitoite was uncovered in Arkansas and Japan in small amounts. However, lately, the deposits do not appear hence increasing the scarcity of this rare stone. If Benitoite stones are found at all it’s either a carat or even less. You can picture how scarce this stone is. This is one of the highest-sought gems that appear in sapphire-blue.

Red Beryl

It is extremely rare to find Red Beryl on sale. Miners have found this stone in some parts of Northern Mexico, the Wah-Wah Mountains of Utah and New Mexico. The red beryl comes in a dark pink colour. The reason why gem-quality red beryl is not easy to find is that it must have special unique conditions for it to form.


What makes jadeite quite unique is its occurrence in various hues. We are talking of orange-red, colourless, lavender, black, and yellow. The value of jadeite is dependent on its texture and quality. The scarcity of this stone makes it quite challenging to put a price on it. In Mayan, Maori and Chinese cultures, jadeite is highly prized and valued.


Many people in the world have never heard of a gemstone called taaffeite. The reason being it is extremely rare. It is a light violet stone that was discovered by an Australian gemologist called Richard Taaffein 1945. The location taaffeite has been found is in Tanzania and Sri Lanka. The material of taaffeite cannot be faceted adding to the reason why the stone is extremely challenging to source.

Black opal

Black opal is one of the rarest of all gemstones. It can only be found in New South Wales, Australia. Black opal is not your ordinary opal which you will recognize by its body tone. Inasmuch as it appears in various colours, black opal's composition spectrum is on the darker end. Without the assistance of a lab, it may be quite difficult to identify synthetic black opals on the market.


You will fall in love with the extraordinary colour-changing abilities ofAlexandrite. But, before you come across it, it may take a while because of its rarity.Alexandrite was discovered inthe Ural Mountains of Russia way back in 1830. During the day, Alexandrite's colour ispeacock blue to emerald green. In minimal light, it will appear amethyst to ruby red. How phenomenal is this!This rare gemstone was named after Czar Alexander and has since been coveted by the Russian aristocracy.

Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha sapphires are one of the scarce gemstones to find. They have been discovered in some parts of Madagascar, Tanzania and Sri Lanka. They are unique because of their inclusion of orange and pink colours. Most of the collectors are always seeking this stone that has proven hard to find. Although Padparadscha sapphires are found in different shades, the medium tones are the most loveable, attractive and favourable.


British gemologist Arthur Charles Davy Pain discovered Painite in 1951. It is one of the world’s rarest gemstone though some mines in Myanmar have been known to produce some amounts of painite. As of now, around 1000 stones exist but that does not change the fact that it is still a scarce gem. Painite is in the Guinness World of Records as one of the scarcest gemstones in the world.


When we talk of rare gemstones we cannot leave behind musgravite because it is extremely rare. This stone was discovered in 1967 in Musgrave Range, South Australia. Since its discovery, only eight of this stone has been found in the entire world. However, minimal amounts of musgravite have been found in Madagascar, Antarctica, Tanzania, Greenland and, Sri Lanka. It is noted that the scarcity of musgravite keep increasing and its cost quite high.


A gems rarity goes hand in hand with its value. If it is extremely hard to find a certain gemstone that means it is highly prized. Some of the rarest gemstones will likely never be seen by most of us no matter how long we live. These gemstones are sought after by collectors and museums because of their value to the world.

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