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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 14th Jun 2021

10 Best Crystals To Make Long-Distance Relationship To Work And How To Use Them

Long-distance relationships can be pretty tough. Having the person you love miles away and not being with them physically can be extremely challenging. It calls for trust and commitment to make the relationship work despite the distance. Crystals can be used to maintain the bond of love between a couple. They help in keeping any relationship strong regardless of the distance.

Here are the ten crystals that can make your long relationship work.


When you are miles apart from your partner, negative thoughts tend to cross your mind. Malachite is a crystal that will help you calm your mind doing away with the negative thoughts. In addition, malachite crystal works to promote love and the bond the two share. You can never go wrong with this crystal, no matter how long your partner stays away. Place malachite crystal under your pillow as you sleep, or wear it as a pendant or bracelet.


Kunzite is a crystal that enhances maturity in every situation. When you are in a long-distance relationship, this crystal will help you maintain your cool. You will also have an understanding that distance cannot come in between your relationship. This crystal ensures you are not insecure. You will always profess eternal and unconditional love to your spouse. Use Kunzite crystal as jewelry so that it stays close to you. Doing that will do away with unwanted feelings that may hurt your relationship.

Rose Quartz

One of the crystals that are renowned for love is Rose Quartz. Distance will amount to nothing when you have this crystal. Many people refer to this crystal as the stone of universal love, which indeed it is. Rose Quartz ensures that mistrust does not come between you and your partner. Harmony will always be maintained in your relationship. This crystal promotes unconditional love and does not hold grudges. As a result, your relationship will be free from misunderstandings that tend to crop up due to distance.


As stated earlier, long-distance relationships cannot survive without commitment. Garnet helps partners to commit despite the distance. This crystal has excellent loving energies that showcase love. That is what your long relationship needs for it to remain strong. You will agree with me that it is not easy to maintain a long-distance relationship. The good news is with the garnet crystal, it can be achieved.


The name moonstone signifies a beautiful relationship. It is a crystal that radiates light in your relationship. Moonstone is one of the crystals that is linked with romance. It is considered a sacred stone that is ideal for spouses that are far away from each other. It is the glue that holds the relationship together. It ignites unending passion in a relationship. Couples should have this crystal with them and place it next to their bodies when apart.


Every relationship is usually filled with doubt and jealousy. It gets worse when two people in love are in a long-distance relationship. Suspicion reigns which may end up affecting the relationship negatively. That is why you need sodalite, a crystal that encourages pure thoughts. It is a crystal that will keep your emotions balanced. By doing that, you have objectivity in your relationship. Sodalite facilitates truth and improves communication.


A long-distance relationship calls for patience. Without that, you may end up giving up the relationship. Dumortierite is a crystal that helps you exercise patience. It is the virtue that keeps a long-distance relationship healthy.Dumortierite encourages the couple involved to keep loving each other without minding the distance.


For centuries, Sapphire has been known to be a symbol of heaven. Heaven symbolizes everything beautiful. Sapphire professes unconditional love and beauty in a relationship. It encourages fidelity and commitment, especially for long-distance lovers. You can gift your partner SapphireSapphire jewelry so that when they are away, your relationship will remain intact.

Lapis Lazuli

Love is a beautiful thing, and distance should never interfere with love. Lapis Lazuli is the stone to use when in a long-distance relationship. It strengthens the bond between a couple, making them fall deeply in love despite being apart.Lapis Lazuli can be worn as a ring, necklace, or bracelet. That way, both of your energies remain connected.


Peridot works perfectly in maintaining love in a relationship. When a couple is physically apart, they may end up falling out of love. That should be discouraged by using the peridot crystal. In addition, this stone eliminates negative thoughts that may affect your relationship. It increases love making a couple solid and unshakable. Peridot does not give room for doubt, insecurity, and jealousy.


For every relationship to last, love must reign. It is what holds every couple together, especially if they are far from each other. By using crystals associated with love, you can have a lasting long-distance relationship. It is true that distance can be a barrier in any relationship, but with love crystals, you can endure the distance.

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