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10 Best Crystals For Kids That Protect And Make Them Calm And Positive

Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 6th Jun 2021

10 Best Crystals For Kids That Protect And Make Them Calm And Positive

When you are enjoying all the benefits of crystals, it is only fair that you would want the same for your kids. Crystals are known to work much better in kids than in adults. There are various crystals in the world that can offer your kid positivity, peace and calmness. All these are critical qualities for kids in shaping them for a better tomorrow.

We will look at crystals that are best for kids to enable you to make a better decision when getting one for them.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz comes with a loving and gentle energy. It is the kind of crystal to get your kid if they are not empathetic. It is also useful for kids who are not willing to open up about how they are feeling. Rose Quartz will help you understand your kid better, especially if they are going through unknown issues.


Amethyst is critical for spiritual guidance and emotional healing. It helps kids sleep better, especially those that are constantly having nightmares. Amethyst is purple in colour, making it quite attractive for kids. If you want to see your kid happy at all times, make use of Amethyst. You can place it in their school bags or under their pillow as they sleep.

Clear Quartz

Also known as Master Healer, Clear Quartz is a must for every kid. It can be used to strengthen your kid’s immune system preventing them from falling sick often.Clear Quartz also boosts creativity making your kid trust themselves. This crystal is a critical part of the emotional well-being of every kid.


A kid struggling with mental barriers will need the Aquamarine crystal. It acts as therapy for any kid battling mental issues. The best part about Aquamarine is it helps kids remember information. This is extremely important in school for it will help them do well in their exams. When a child uses this crystal, they will retain all information making them excel in school.

Tiger’s Eye

A kid that tends to daydream needs the Tiger’s Eye crystal to help them snap back to reality. It is not good to have your kid wander in unknown thoughts. It is best if your kid lived for the present moment. This crystal also boosts self-esteem and builds up confidence. Tiger's Eye can improve the inner strength of your kid and increase their chances of luck.


Sodalite is critical in your child's life for it promotes clarity and confidence. SA child can never have a dull moment if they make use of Sodalite. Give your kid this crystal to enable them to learn new skills and to avoid confusion. Your kid will not flee from chaos or fear; rather, they will cope with the situation thanks to Sodalite. This deep blue stone calms your kid helping them think clearly.

Black Tourmaline

As the name describes, this is an all-black looking crystal. It is paramount in kids because it will eliminate negative energies. You kid will no longer doubt themselves once they use Black Tourmaline. It strips your kids of all kind of evil, helping them live in an angelic manner. This crystal will help your feel confident, safe and protected.


A kid who is always gloomy and tense should use Citrine. It will bring joy and freedom of mind to the kid. Citrine is a great recommendation for kids experiencing sadness. It will boost their confidence, take away the sadness and have them back to their best selves. It is best to use the crystal on your kids as they sleep.


Carnelian will help your child to have an open-minded outlook in different areas of their life. It helps a kid develop the essential characteristics critical in a child. If you want your kid always to feel secure, get them Carnelian. They will end up trusting themselves even in situations they thought they could not. Make Carnelian crystal necklaces for your kids and let them wear them at all times.

Green Aventurine

Also known as the ‘Good Luck’ stone, Green Aventurine is the best crystal for your kid, especially when facing a challenging task. Think of how tense your kid gets when sitting for exams. That is where the Green Aventurine comes in handy. This crystal also encourages leadership qualities and helps shape your kid into the right leader.


Anytime you end up getting crystals for your kid, make sure they are tumbled. This is to preserve the crystals, for they may easily break off. If your kid is old enough, allow them to choose their own crystals. That way, they will get one that connects with them.Crystals are essential in every kid's life. It transforms their lives in ways you never thought possible. With these crystals, you can be assured that your kid will be shaped to become a better version of themselves.

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