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Posted by Holy Trinity Mind Body Soul on 25th Mar 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Opalite Stone

Opalite stones are not just another stone in the market, but it is a gemstone that has gained immense popularity due to their distinct healing powers. Let's explore Opalite below:

Opalite: What is It?

The opalite stone is a man-made material that is sometimes mistaken for an opal. It is produced by a combination of machines, plasma and high pressure. The opalite stone has a shaded play of colours in it which are bright and sometimes opaque. Opalite stones are not just limited to colour but also include colourless specimens.

Opalite: Meanings & Uses

Opalite is not just seen as a stone to be used in various forms of jewellery but is also used in the form of talismans.

Being a stone of luck, opalite stone helps balance different energies in the body. This stone is also believed to promote prosperity, harmony and good luck in an individual. The stone also aids to foster courage and confidence in a person. It helps to deepen intuition and heighten creativity.

Opalite: Properties

The opalite stone is a combination of colourless, black and white opal produced by a plasma combination of machines and high pressure. The opalite stone also has the appearance of crystal rock. However, it is not as hard as a crystal rock as it is softer and can be scratched by a fingernail. Opalite stone is also waterproof and non-porous in nature.

Opalite: Healing Properties

Opalite stone has a strong healing property due to its translucent colours. In the past, it was believed that opalite stone was a stone that held both negative and positive energies in it. While the negative energies shield the positive energies, and the positive energies are only released when the negativity is released.

It is one of the most recommended stones for anyone who suffers from anxiety. It helps to balance the energy levels and relieves stress from the mind. Other healing properties:

Helps to awaken one's soul: It helps to awaken one's soul and enhances their spirituality. It is believed that it promotes spirituality and helps individuals to move forward. It is also a great stone for people who want to learn meditation and other spiritual practices.

Helps with low self-esteem: Opalite stone is good for people with low self-esteem. It helps to strengthen them and take them forward.

Boosts creativity: Opalite stone also helps to foster creativity and gives an individual a good amount of mental clarity.

Helps to promote courage and confidence: If you are looking forward to getting a good amount of courage and confidence in your life, you must start using opalite stone. It creates a positive vibration for the user and helps them to feel positive about their life and move forward.

Choose Opalite Today

So, if you are suffering from anxiety and you are looking forward to getting a good amount of peace of mind, you must start using opalite stones. You will find relief from stress and anxiety, but you will also find a good amount of positivity in life.

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