Black Tourmaline with Red Hematite Sphere-1.2

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Black Tourmaline with Red Hematite Sphere-1.2

Product Size - Weight: 312 grams , Diameter : 6.4cm

You will get the exact sphere mentioned on photos along with stand. 

BLACK TOURMALINE with RED HEMATITE SPHERE is one of the most protective stone. it protects and guard againts all kind of negativity, negative thoughts and actions, from any outside influences, and all physic attacks and weakness.

it is also a grounding stone that keeps you in balance in the midst of chaos, enable to build up self confidence and promotes focus.
this amazing crystal is able to help you getting rid of unhealthy habits and variation of addictions.

it does create a protective shield around the person, which could bringing mental clarity and concentration

This is one of the most stone for meditation and visualization.