Septarian Crystal Generator Point ( Large )-1.1

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499.00 Grams
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Septarian Crystal Generator Point ( Large )-1.1

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Product Size- Weight: 499 grams, Height: 12cm, Width: 5.5cm

Septarian is a Healing Stone beneficial to overall health and wellbeing, which are made up of Calcite, which makes up the yellow centres and Aragonite which are the brown lines. The outer grey rock is Limestone.

it opens psychic abilities , gives relief for muscle spasms, and bring calming energies which have a nurturing feel for them.

Septarian, which can also be known as "Dragon Stone", helps to create confidence, which makes it great for public speaking, or for anything that requires a confidence boost, and also used to assist with communication with Mother Earth

Septarian is related to the lower chakras, root, and sacral