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Selenite Tower-1.1

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Selenite Tower-1.1

Product Size - Weight: 220 grams , Height: 10cm, Width: 4.2cm
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Selenite towers are carved with precision
You will be amazed at how beautifully carved the Selenite towers are. Selenite is a relatively soft crystal so to be able to carve out a wonderful looking spiral is impressive.

Selenite crystals has a very fine vibration about it, which is said to help give clarity of mind and to help clear the chakras.

Selenite is one of the best crystals to bring about a deep peace and sense of tranquillity.

In addition to the powerful healing and spiritual benefits, it is one of the most beautiful crystals you can buy, as it calms and soothes, bringing a deep peace and sense of tranquillity.

Use Selenite in a grid around your home or in the corners of a room to create a safe and peaceful space

Meditating with Selenite aids in access to past and future lives. Selenite brings mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture