Rhodonite Egg

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81.00 Grams
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Product Size- Height: 4,5cm , Width: 3.5cm RHODONITE EGG, for Emotional Wellbeing, Soul Retrieval, Resilience, and Transformation, is known as the stone of purpose. As a heart chakra stone corresponding to the elements of earth and water, it has an unmatched ability to ground heavy energies that disrupt inner peace. Rhodonite Yoni eggs are very useful for self-acceptance and self-validation. It assists with transmuting negative energies (i.e. Grief, resentment, hurt, anger, betrayal, and abandonment) into self-love, resilience, and new spiritual gifts. It is especially useful in recovery from physical and energetic hardship. It helps you to own your story until you can share it from a truly empowered state.