Chalcedony in Quartz Generator Crystal ( Mosaic )-1.3

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Chalcedony in Quartz Generator Crystal ( Mosaic )-1.3

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Mosaic Chalcedony  - Product Size : Length 6cm , Width 3.5cm 

Create a true masterpiece through mastering emotions of self-love, optimism and generosity. For those whose mind, body and spirit are feeling out of whack, ditch the spiritual Picasso, and get your symmetry back with the energy of a mosaic chalcedony tower.

As chalcedony cleanses and aligns the chakras, it allows for a harmonious peace to take the place of turbulence within the soul. The negativity that often causes mood swings can be assuaged using mosaic chalcedony in meditation.

The energy of chalcedony brings in the compassion and confidence to open you. thus making you receptive to positive thoughts and a healthier mindset.

With the bright outlook bestowed by mosaic chalcedony's ability to release such petty notions is the reason many attribute a sense of brotherhood or humanity to the stone. It helps you to see the bigger picture, and want to help build that landscape together with others, rather than on your own. 

Once you accomplish that, you will begin to not only form a better life for yourself, but a better world for everyone as well.


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