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Labradorite Crystal Point-1.4

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Labradorite Crystal Point-1.4

Product Size- Weight: 75 grams , Height: 7.5cm, Width: 2.5cm

Labradorite Point is a Stone of Magic, with Its remarkable play of colour , knowns as Labradorescence. 

the stone usually gray-green, dark grey, black , or grayish-white , as considerated to be a Crystals of Transformation, that transforms to be the extraordinary. it helps to clear, balance, and protect the aura, by creating a shielding froce throughout, as well strengthening natural energies from within 

its also preventing energy leakage, and others from tapping into. it ensures all elemental froces are empowered and propotional within in one's system - this beautiful Labradorite Stone allows ones innate magical to surface