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Howlite Crystal Generator Point-1.7

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Howlite Crystal Generator Point-1.7

Product Size- Weight: 61 grams, Height: 9.3cm, Width: 2cm

Howlite means to be attuned to purity and having infinite energy , and prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insight.

the metaphysical properties of the Howlite enableit to open up our head chakra , then it brings healings from the heaven and sends it to be beholder's mind , thereby encouraging clear and peaceful communication, especially when connecting to higher dimensions.

it calms an overactive mind to assist with meditation and spiritual connection. It allows you to transcend to a higher level of awareness and provides mental clarity, a mental state where you can discover purpose and find deep peace.

it relieves stress and anxiety, absorbs anger, teaches patience, and releases attachments.