Geode Cracked Quartz-1.1

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301.00 Grams

Product Size - Height: 12cm, Width: 6cm 

Geode Cracked Quartz

These beauties are a great example of what you want to see in the Sahara desert in Morocco Geodes are spherical rocks that contain cavities lined with crystals.

The Geode name comes from the Greek word geoid, which means "earthlike". These unique rocks can be formed in a variety of ways. In volcanic rock bubbles, or in animal burrows, tree roots and deposits of sedimentary rocks mud.

Over time, the air, mud or tree roots create a hollow cavity in the rock, and the outer edges harden in a spherical shape. naturally dissolves groundwater and collects a variety of minerals, as it makes its way down from the surface and flow into the cavity. As water flows into and out of the cavity minerals obtained deposited within the geodes development over long periods of time to create crystals.







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