Dream Amethyst Point-1.7

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Dream Amethyst Point-1.7

Product Size - Weight: 78 grams , Height : 7.5cm , Width : 2.5cm


Natural Amethyst is known for bringing calmness and mental clarity.

Amethyst helps develop intuition and spiritual knowledge. This crystal is notoriously sought after for its ability to promote emotional balance.

Amethyst's purifying energy is linked to releasing addictive behaviors. If you find yourself on the brink, it can be very therapeutic to place Amethyst on and around your head, breathing deeply into its protective energy to calm the mind and its cravings.

Its rich, royal, deep purple hues bring a rhythmic divine light to areas touched by darkness. It can help illuminate an inner purpose and uplift energy!

When uncertainty arises along your journey through life, trust in amethyst to provide clarity.

Meditate with amethyst and see how your feelings of anger, sadness, or grief grow into patience and acceptance.