Crystal Box (Set of 5 selected crystals )- Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Selenite

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238.00 Grams

Product Size

Amethyst - 50g length: 4.5cm width: 2cm
Clear Quartz - 32g length: 5.5cm width: 2.5cm
Citrine - 34g length: 6 cm width: 3cm,
Rose Quartz - 38g length: 4.4 cm width: 3.3cm
Selenite - 84g length: 9.8cm width: 2.3cm

This amazing crystal box contains 5 pieces of uniquely selection crystals of :

Amethyst - Citrine - Clear Quartz - Rose Quartz - and Selenite

Beautifully packed in a box , to create a wonderful gifts for all occasions.

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