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Blue Quartz A Grade Tumbled Stone

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Blue Quartz A Grade Tumbled Stone

Height: 2.5cm, Width: 2.5cm
Weight: 20 gram

Note: Price is for per piece.


The Blue Quartz is a powerful stone that can charge you with positive energy and give you a boost of optimism. This helps when you are in a dead-end with your relationship and when you are uncertain what to do next. This powerful stone is going to push you in a much calmer place of mind and all of that is going to make you realize what is best for you.

The blue Quartz stone is going to help you become more decisive and in the end this is going to bring you much more certainty in everything you do. Before you do make any decision try to see the bigger picture and never allow your doubts and insecurities to devalue everything you do in any way.

The Blue Quartz s going to bring you more money and prosperity either way, so always wear it somewhere close to your wallet. It is also recommenced to wear this stone to important business meetings.

Blue quartz goes well with bronzite, for a lot of power with red jasper, or as healing stone water. Always keep the Blue Quartz stone close to you if you want to have luck in all of your ventures and remember to charge it regularly. This powerful stone can truly change your life if you choose to believe in its healing powers.

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