Tourmalinated Quartz Generator-1.5

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64.00 Grams

Product Size - Height: 6.5cm, Width: 2.8cm

Tourmalinated Quartz Generator, are potent tools to have on the ready as you do your work and hold sacred space for yourself and others. Tourmalinated quartz combines the attributes of both black tourmaline and clear quartz, two individually powerful stones that when together — as in these generators — are akin to a “psychic vacuum cleaner.”

These tourmalinated quartz generators are prepared to do the heavy-duty lifting and sifting to get you to return and restore your energy fields to a pure state of positivity and possibility. Pull out these charming workhorse gems for the ultimate in psychic clearing, purification, and protection.

Tourmalinated quartz is a beautiful stone that, by its very nature, illustrates balance and healthy boundaries. Clear quartz is the stone of magnification and is known to amplify the energies of what’s around it. The presence of black tourmaline cleanses and grounds any negativity; and as a result, the clear quartz amplifies the clearing capabilities of tourmaline, creating a beautiful exchange of energy and balance. Tourmalinated quartz is one of the most essential tools for dispelling negative energy. It facilitates clearer thinking and is an ally for anyone who’s delved into negative behaviors such as substance abuse.

When shaped as a generator, tourmalinated quartz’s restorative, balancing, and clearing powers become more focused and direct. Generators are towers of energetic possibility, pointed on one end and flat on the other to stand grounded while pointing skyward – projecting your intentions, desires, prayers, wishes, love, and light up toward Source for the highest good of all. They serve as major conduits for the soul work we were all put here on Earth to fulfill.

Use your tourmalinated quartz generator to scan and clear any negative energies that may be impacting your chakras. Allow its cleansing power to sweep away the debris of negativity, bringing you into greater freedom and alignment. Hold it in meditation, directing your intentions upward for the highest manifestation of all you desire.






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